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Image GovsOfficePresser20210308Slide4.jpg
File PCCommissionersPublicNoticeDBE20210326.pdf
File 2021ThornvilleCCR.pdf
File 2021BurrOakCCR.pdf
File AgendaforApril132022.pdf
File AgendaforApril202022.pdf
File AgendaforApril272022.pdf
File AgendaforMay42022.pdf
File AgendaforMay112022.pdf
File AgendaforMay182022.pdf
File AgendaforMay252022.pdf
File AgendaforJune12022.pdf
File AgendaforJune82022.pdf
File AgendaforJune152022.pdf
File AgendaforJune222022.pdf
File AgendaforJune292022.pdf
File AgendaforJuly62022.pdf
File AgendaforJuly132022.pdf
File copy_of_AgendaforJuly132022.pdf
File AgendaforJuly202022.pdf
File AgendaforJuly272022.pdf
File 20220808PerryCountyPersonnelPolicyManual.pdf
File AgendaforAugust102022.pdf
File AgendaforAugust172022.pdf
File copy_of_AgendaforAugust172022.pdf
File AgendaforAugust242022.pdf
File copy_of_AgendaforAugust242022.pdf
File AgendaforAugust312022.pdf
File AgendaforSeptember72022.pdf
File AgendaforSeptember212022.pdf
File AgendaforSeptember282022.pdf
File AgendaforOctober52022.pdf
File AgendaforOctober122022.pdf
File AgendaforOctober192022.pdf
File AgendaforOctober262022.pdf
File AgendaforNovember22022.pdf
File AgendaforNovember92022.pdf
File AgendaforNovember162022.pdf
File AgendaforNovember232022.pdf
File copy_of_AgendaforNovember232022.pdf
File AgendaforNovember302022.pdf
File AgendaforDecember72022.pdf
File AgendaforDecember142022.pdf
File AgendaforDecember212022.pdf
File AgendaforDecember282022.pdf
File AgendaforJanuary182023.pdf
File copy_of_AgendaforJanuary182023.pdf
File AgendaforJanuary252023.pdf
File AgendaforFebruary82023.pdf
File AgendaforFebruary152023.pdf
File AgendaforFebruary222023.pdf
File AgendaforMarch12023.pdf
File AgendaforMarch82023.pdf
File AgendaforMarch152023.pdf
File AgendaforMarch222023.pdf
File AgendaforMarch292023.pdf
File AgendaforMay32023.pdf
File AgendaforMay102023.pdf
File AgendaforMay172023.pdf
File AgendaforMay242023.pdf
File AgendaforMay312023.pdf
File AgendaforJune72023.pdf
File copy_of_AgendaforJune72023.pdf
File AgendaforJune142023.pdf
File AgendaforJune212023.pdf
File AgendaforJune212023.docx
File copy_of_AgendaforJune212023.pdf
File copy2_of_AgendaforJune212023.pdf
File AgendaforJune282023.pdf
File AgendaforJuly52023.pdf
File copy_of_AgendaforJuly52023.pdf
File AgendaforJuly520232.pdf
File AgendaforJuly122023.pdf
File copy_of_AgendaforJuly122023.pdf
File AgendaforJuly192023.pdf
File copy_of_AgendaforJuly192023.pdf
File 2022ThornvilleCCR.pdf
File 2022BurrOakCCR.pdf
File AgendaforJuly262023.pdf
File AgendaforAugust22023.pdf
File copy_of_AgendaforAugust22023.pdf
File copy2_of_AgendaforAugust22023.pdf
File AgendaforAugust92023.pdf
File AgendaforAugust162023.pdf
File copy_of_AgendaforNovember12023.pdf
File AgendaforNovember82023.pdf
Upcoming Events
Perry County Park District Board Meeting | Monday, December 11, 2023 Dec 11, 2023 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM — Tecumseh Theater - 116 W Main St, Shawnee, OH 43782
FAL Annual Christmas Party | Friday, December 15, 2023 Dec 15, 2023 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM — Fairview Assisted Living - 5550 St Rt 37 E, New Lexington, OH 43764
Blood Drive Somerset Community Church | Tuesday, December 26, 2023 Dec 26, 2023 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM — Somerset Community Church - 139 E Main St, Somerset, OH 43783
Public Meeting for Perry County Coordinated Plan for Transportation | Thursday, December 28, 2023 Dec 28, 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM — Perry County Opportunity Center - 5250 St Rt 37 E, New Lexington, OH 43764
Upcoming events…