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The Perry County Board of Developmental Administration Office is on the move…back to our roots

Effective October 9, 2018 the PCBDD Administration Office will be moving back to the Community School located at 5720 State Route 345 NE, New Lexington, OH 43764. This location will house the following departments: Superintendent, Human Resources, Business and IT Department, Academy for Leadership Abilities®, Behavior Supports, Medicaid and Waiver Billing Services, MUI, Maintenance department, and Community Outreach.



New Lexington, Ohio (October 1, 2018) -- Making connections to promote abilities and enrich lives is the mission of the Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities (PCBDD).  For over 50 years the PCBDD has provided services to people in Perry County.  Currently the PCBDD supports over 400 people from children to adults.  On October 9, 2018,      as part of its efforts to collaborate with local agencies to support people the PCBDD will be stepping back in time.


The Administrative Offices of the PCBDD will relocate to the former DD Community School building located on State Route 345 outside New Lexington, Oh, now known as the Activity Center.  For many years the facility served as the Community School operated by the PCBDD.  In 1998 the PCBDD closed the Community School as students were integrated into their local districts. At that time the PCBDD Administrative Offices were moved to 499 North State Street in New Lexington, Oh the former site of the County Engineer’s office.  After 20 years in this location the PCBDD is returning to the former Community School building located on State Route 345. During this transition period the PCBDD Administration Offices phone, fax and E-mails will remain the same.


PCBDD’s move will allow Perry County Transit to locate at the North State Street site, which is better suited to its operations.  “We were involved in the discussion about this move because we know how important transportation is to people supported by the PCBDD.  The North State Street location for Perry County Transit makes good sense, and has long term implications for operating efficiency. The result is more transportation support for people supported by PCBDD,” stated David Couch, Superintendent.


This opportunity to collaborate with the County Commissioners and Perry Transit, along with PerCo Inc,. becoming a private entity, allowed the PCBDD to look at ways to best support services in the future. A primary component of investing in the future of PCBDD is to bring together the various components into one location.  To accomplish this the PCBDD is working with the County Commissioners to build a new facility on Senior Drive in New Lexington, Oh located behind the Senior Center. “Our plan is to go from five locations to one, making it easier for people supported by the PCBDD to access our agency as well as reduce facility costs,” stated David Couch, Superintendent. “An initial step in this process is moving our Administrative Offices out of the North State Street building, so Transit can move in. We will relocate to the Activity Center for a year or so while we tackle the construction of a new facility.”

Couch noted that while construction of a new facility is costly, it will be offset by significant reduction in maintenance costs as operations are combined into one building. “Once we have all programs relocated, a process that will take three or four years, we will reduce administrative overhead. We intend to redirect those dollars saved into services to support people,” noted Couch. “The support of local taxpayers is essential to the services we provide.  We want to make sure those dollars are used as efficiently as possible.”


“We appreciate the cooperation of Perry County Transit, Perry County Job and Family Services and the Perry County Commissioners to make this work out in a reasonable manner. Relocating agencies is a lot of work, but it will benefit the people of Perry County in many ways. I really appreciate the collaboration among agencies in Perry County.  It is something many of my colleagues envy about us,” stated Couch.


To learn more about the PCBDD’s relocation process, please contact David C. Couch, Superintendent.

Contact info:

Contact Person: David Couch, Superintendent

c/o Chrissy Berkheimer, Executive Assistant

Company: Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Address: 5720 State Route 345 NE New Lexington, OH 43764

Phone: 740-342-3542  Fax: 740-342-1081

Email: or

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