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Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan for Perry County Ohio

This plan is the Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan for Perry County Ohio. The plan was initially developed in 2014, updated and approved by ODOT in 2017 and is being updated annually in 2018. This plan fulfills the requirements of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) under the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, signed into law as a reauthorization of surface transportation programs through Fiscal Year 2020. According to requirements of the FAST Act, locally developed coordinated public transit-human services transportation plans must be updated to reflect the changes established by the FAST Act legislation. The FAST Act applies new programs and rules for all Fiscal Year 2016 funds and authorizes transit programs for five (5) years.


Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan for Perry County Ohio



Transportation is a critical component of the communities in Perry County Ohio.  Transportation provides access to jobs, education, healthcare, human services and allows all community members, including older adults and people with disabilities, to live independently and engage in community  life.  It is the purpose of this plan for local stakeholders to work collaboratively to do the following activities:

1. Identify all community resources including:

  • Perry County Commissioners
  • Perry County Transit
  • Perry County Transit Medicaid Billing
  • Perry County Job and Family Services
  • ODOT
  • FTA
  • Contract Sources
  • General Public
  • Perry County Courts
  • Perry County Schools
  • Perry County Agencies
  • Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Perry County Senior Center
  • Perry Behavioral Health
  • Perry County Health Department
  • Perry County Veterans
  • Hopewell
  • AllWell
  • Fairview Assisted Living
  • Employers
  • Non-Profits
  • Creating Healthy Communities Project funded through the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).


2. Identify and Prioritize community transportation needs

  • Mobility Manager for Transportation Coordination
  • Safety Campaign Countywide
  • Marketing and Education for Transportation Options
  • Low Cost for Transportation
  • Additional Transportation Options


3. Establish a clear plan for achieving shared goals

Community collaboration is the most effective way to achieve Perry County’s shared goals.
Transportation is needed and relied upon for medical appointments, employment, daycare,
school, after school programs, community events and everyday essentials.  The Mobility
Manager is able to focus on cultivating partnerships with various agencies and determine how
to effectively meet transportation needs.  The Mobility Manager will work with other transit
focused organizations in securing funding for the area to help expand reliable transportation to
the citizens that need it most.  Growing and developing new partnerships will help provide
routes and services that reach our consumer base while also supporting businesses and a
healthy community.
Click HERE to view/download the complete plan in PDF format.


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